L.L.Bean Mastercard credit card holders who have been approved and received their card in the mail can now activate the card online. You can use it to save money on L.L.Bean products and earn Bean Bucks every day. Online activation is not required. Cardholders can log into their Citibank online account from any internet-enabled device to manage their L.L.Bean Mastercard 24/7.


Know The LLBean Login Advantages

No Annuity: The L.L. card Bean Credit Card Visa has no annual fee. This is great news for budget cardholders who want to maximize the value of the rewards they earn.

Great Return On Cost L.L. Of Beans. This card earns 3% on L.L. Shopping for bean products. That’s more than the 2% return offered by most other branded credit cards, including multiple travel rewards and Barclaycard-backed retail cards. If you are already a loyal customer of L.L. Bean now has even more incentive to keep shopping.

Fantastic return to the L.L. Outdoor Discovery Schools Bean. This card reimburses 10% of expenses at L.L. Schools. Bean Outdoor Discovery. While not all cardholders have the time or budget for an outdoor excursion to the Discovery School, this perk is sure to sweeten the deal for the inexperienced.

Nice Instant Approval Bonus. If Barclaycard processes your card order immediately via the L.L. Bean, you are entitled to a 15% discount on L.L. Bean made during that browser session. If you’ve been waiting a while to join L.L. Bean, this is a great opportunity to reduce your results.

Free Monograms On Select L.L. Bean Products. This perk is worth $8 per line. No more guessing and hesitation about whether your backpack or raincoat is worth monogramming.